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Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ Manufacturing Month 2015 built on the successes of the inaugural 2014 campaign with new partnerships and opportunities for the future. The Future is Now-themed campaign sought to outline the potential that advanced manufacturing holds for Canadian industry

By developing a turn-key toolkit aimed at guiding companies to open their doors and showcase their facilities, Manufacturing Month was all about bringing the community — particularly secondary students — into a modern, 21st century factory. 

In addition, to reach students with the potential a career in manufacturing holds, CME forged a partnership with Edge Factor, a cutting edge media company whose educational resources platform brings fascinating manufacturing stories to light. Two hundred Canadian schools received copies of MasterCAM software along with licenses for the manufacturing curriculum the platform provides in the joint partnership with In-House Solutions and Edge Factor. 

From the launch at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON through strong events in every province of the country, Manufacturing Month was aimed at dispelling the myths and boosting the future of Canada’s manufacturing sector. 

As well, in partnership with the organizers of MFGDay in the US and partners in Mexico, the manufacturing skills and careers agenda was celebrated across the continent. 

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