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On behalf of Canada’s 60,000 manufacturers and their 1.7 million employees, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters congratulated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party after their historic election win this month. The work of convening with Mr. Trudeau’s team as they organize in Ottawa to ensure the work necessary to continue realigning Canada’s manufacturing and export sectors has begun

“Now, more than ever, Canada’s prospects for economic growth depend on the competitiveness of our manufacturing and exporting sector,” says CME President & CEO Jayson Myers. “Our ability to produce the high-value, high-quality and competitively priced goods, along with supporting services and technologies makes customers want to buy across Canada and around the world.”

Together with the CME policy team, Myers set out to ensure the message that with the right business environment, manufacturing and exporting can thrive in Canada. CME have set a goal to partner with governments to double manufacturing output and exports by 2030.

“The Liberal party has a strong history of recognizing the importance of value-added manufacturing and exporting in Canada as well as supporting the growth of industry across the country,” Myers says. “We look forward to a productive partnership with Mr. Trudeau and his government to create the right business environment to meet these ambitious goals and to strengthening Canada’s future.”

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