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Manufacture change. Make your mark.

A look at the initiative Canadian Manufactures & Exporters are undertaking to change the messaging around manufacturing in Canada.



I #mfgchange

“This (manufacturing) sector is dying a slow death.”
Daniel Tencer – Huffington Post January 23, 2014

Dead. Dying. On life support.

Those three sentiments are frequently used to describe Canada’s manufacturing sector today.

But that’s not the case.

“It’s certainly not a sector that’s asleep, let alone dead,” says Jayson Myers, president and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

Consider the facts.

Manufacturing is:

  • Canada’s largest business sector employing 1.7 million Canadians

  • Industry pays $1.85 billion in weekly salaries

  • Accounts for 11% of overall economic activity

  • Responsible for 46% of all R&D

Doesn’t sound like a dying industry – far from it.

However, manufacturing is undergoing a “seismic shift.”

The very nature or face of the industry as we know it is changing due to a number of factors including technological evolution, increasing global competition and changing customer demands.

It’s not the same industry as a mere five years ago and it will continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace.

The lesson that Canadian manufacturers have learned over the past 15 years is that they cannot compete simply on the basis of low costs or high volume production.

Change is inevitable and manufacturers need to drive it.

They need to innovate. They need to specialize. They need to customize. They need to provide services as part of their customer solutions. They need to adopt new and advanced information and production technologies. And, they need to drive efficiencies throughout all aspects of their business and their supply chains.

Join us as we shape the manufacturing industry of tomorrow –  a high tech, highly skilled, high value and high paying industry that isn’t dead, dying or on life support.

One that is alive and well and one that will evolve to power the Canadian economy for future generations. Be a part of the solution, manufacture change.

Join us and make your mark.

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